If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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    Our vision is to create a range of high quality table lamps and floor lamps that not only add beautiful light to a room but are also a piece of art to add luxury and make a statement in your home.

    Opulental lamps are designed to be owned with pride and passed on to future generations.

    Every lamp from Opulental is hand-crafted in the United Kingdom with skill and care for you to enjoy.

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    Whether you would like a lamp with soft curves or strong angular pillars our Series Lumiere range provides contemporary and traditional designs adding beauty to your home. Each lamp created in our workshop in Yorkshire is carefully manufactured and hand finished in brass to reflect light and accentuate form. Brass is richer than silver and pewter yet not as ‘showy’ as gold – perfect for homes with added style. Our lamps have been designed to be treasured, enjoyed and passed down to future generations. Add an ornamental LED light bulb for a unique look or select one of our lamp shades if you prefer.
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    Our Origins are Based in Metal

    Our origins are in the creation of exquisite architectural metalwork. Our projects have adorned some of the most prestigious homes and building throughout the world. The creation of Series Lumiere has evolved from our desire to create beautiful pieces from brass for your home. We know that our customers demand beauty, but they also require quality craftsmanship. We have not compromised on style or quality when making our lights. Each table lamp and floor lamp has the highest quality fittings and is available to purchase with a lampshade or ornate LED bulb